Saturday, November 19, 2005

November 19 - Autumn becomes Winter

Having venti bold coffee and Starbucks seasonal bliss bar this morning. Bliss bar is pretty sweet and pretty good, sort of a dense, slightly ginger cake, with icing containing bits of cranberry. Yum. It’s cold out! Snowed yesterday for the first time. Sweaters, boots and winter jackets, along with gloves and hats, all finding their way to the coat hooks and shelves by the front door. The walk in to work is now chilly and I’m moving more quickly to stay warm.

Four months now (a third of a year!), since completing combo. Went and had my hepatitis A booster immunization (received first shot just before treatment started; am already immunized for hepB through work), as well as my flu shot. Had the 3 month follow-up visit with nurse Sharon and my physician, and all went well. No call back re: the blood work, meaning that everything looking good. At the appointment, nurse Sharon asked me if I’d participate in a study researching health care providers as patients. I’ve agreed to (because I’m just so sure we make the best patients – not!). Will be interviewed at my appointment in January. The 6 month post-treatment pcr at that time is the kicker, obviously. Am trying to focus on other things and not stress about it. Feel so good, to find out the virus had returned would really knock me back. Mustn’t think that way, will just wait and see. Now that so many of us have reached the telling time points around treatment, my mindset is somewhat paradoxical; so happy for those who’ve cleared, so saddened for those who have not.

Life is moving and shaking. Had a very fun Halloween – attended a costume party with friends, thrown by a major Toronto anime group and the costumes were amazing. Dressed up, ate, danced and had a lot of fun. Have contact lenses for the first time - bifocal contacts – totally cool. The periphery around the pupil is dedicated to distance, with close up vision more centred over the inner pupil. The brain adapts to it. Amazing. Attending yoga twice weekly now: the Flow/Hatha session that Barb and I go to Wednesday’s after work, and then a pretty intense, Ashtanga-based class on Thursday evenings with my friend Ligia. Still having Shiatsu treatments about every two weeks. Allison says that my flow is unbelievably better and now concentrates on stretching and energizing, as compared to the healing and maintaining she concentrated on while I was on treatment. Work is crazy busy. We’ve just incorporated some very new technology that’s taking some getting used to, but it’s exciting and fun to be part of it all. The team of people I work with are really wonderful, the work I do is fascinating and I look forward to going in each day. Feel very fortunate.

Have been inhaling music. James was recently kind enough to put together a trip hop “variety pack” cd for me. Purchased the “Garden State” soundtrack and I can’t take it out of my discman – has everything from Thievery Corporation to Frou Frou to Nick Drake. It’s really good. Also recently picked up cds by Feist and by Bedouin Soundclash. Loving it all.

Still checking the blogs and forums about once weekly. Like to hear how my hepc compatriots are doing. Will keep going strong and staying positive, attempting to minimize the waiting game around pcr testing.

Pics this blog are of Kensington Market over the last few months. It’s probably my favorite part of Toronto, so gets first city show. Will focus on a different district next month.



Blogger peter said...

I always get so hungry when I read your blog. I prefer the muffins to the Bliss bar, I must say..

Glad you are doing well. We had snow here in VT in late October. It's been quiet since but steadily getting colder. This will be a very different winter than last winter was, that's for sure.


5:33 PM  
Blogger SnoWav said...

Aloha Sue It's Saturday night at the shots for me,I bet you don't miss it. Things have been ok as usual the more active I am the better I feel. 4 of my family are near Vancouver my wife says it is very beautiful there mountains and ocean. The reason they are there is not so great(onsite). It puts it all in perspective when you almost lose a child,nothing else in the world matters.whew that was a close one.Well got to get my desert out of the refrigerator 7 left, like who is counting.jeff

7:17 PM  
Blogger lu said...

Fantastic pictures, that place looks seriously cool and very groovy! I love the artistic hand painted signs, the wonderful colours, the sunshine. Your photos show how much you see the beauty in the so-called 'ordinary'. The stuff we can easily take for granted. The art in everyday life.

I'm glad you're feeling so good! A whole new you with new contacts and everything! And yoga twice a week must be keeping you well in shape, physically, mentally and spiritually.

You sound well into the swing of the world, it's great to hear.
All the best

7:18 AM  
Blogger Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Peter,

Starbucks next door has provided me with the opportunity to become addicted to their coffee, as well as required to try each and every new pastry they bring in. The bliss bar was surprisingly good....

Vermont must be cold by now. We actually have a milder winter, I think, than you do there. Being right beside Lake Ontario gives us that slightly warmer, wetter, grey, slushy winter habitat. You are very right - this will be quite a different winter than last year - your observation helps me appreciate the coming winter more than I would have: this long winter will be one without treatment.

Hope things are going okay Peter. Take care,

7:54 AM  
Blogger Sue, Toronto said...

Hi SnoWav,

I am so sorry to read about your child! Really glad that he's concious and seems to be improving. Can't even imagine what it would be like to go through something like this as a parent. You are completely right, it puts it all in perspective. All of my hopes and prayers are with you and your family for his rapid recovery.

Only seven left Jeff! You will have great things to celebrate in the new year! Stay busy and positive,

8:00 AM  
Blogger Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Lu,

Glad you like the pics. The market is a big part of my community and life and I totally love it. There is beauty in everyday life that is so easily missed.

Yoga does fabulous things for me. Yesterday, my Shiatsu therapist commented on how supple my spine is now that I've upped the yoga program. Her words: "your age is equal to your spine's flexibility". Am working on regression! Beyond that though, I obtain great peace from yoga - helps fill my soul.

You also sound really good Lu. Will be checking in on your blog today. Best wishes, Sue

8:10 AM  
Blogger SnoWav said...

Hi Sue went to the Big apple to see the premier quite a change to be in downtown Manhattan from the mountains of Vermont. ET was there so things are on the mend after a short scary time.Looking forward to number 48 New Years Eve.later jeff

2:57 PM  
Blogger Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Jeff,

Congratulations on the premier! Must have been wonderful. Yes, Manhattan slightly different environment from Vermont mountains; how wonderful to be able to enjoy the best of both worlds! Am so glad to hear that ET much improved.

New Year not at all far away now. Really on the countdown. Take care and stay postive (as always!),

8:47 AM  
Blogger ijaz ahmad said...

Hi Sue,

I have been away from my internet activities. I am trying to catch up with every other blog.

I am very please to read that you are continuing smilling, Happy and active. I wish you keep enjoying your Happy Active life.

12:25 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

Hi Sue, Haven’t visited for awhile but thanks for your comments on my blog. Didn`t quite work out for me but still hoping to eventually return to a good level of fitness.
Like you I still maintain some hatha yoga principles I started in my teens. Cold baths, deep breathing, stretching and ok, yes, I confess, colonic irrigation have been mainstays in my life since then.
Juicing is off course a great daily detox ritual, but because of low blood sugar I no longer do fasting.
You sound great post tx. I love to read positive outcomes. I know you have had your struggles living with treatment.
Can never pass a starbucks without you popping into my mind.
Glad I am not in Canada though. I can feel the cold from here,


6:15 PM  
Blogger Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Ijaz,

I've been away from the blogs for more than a week too... it's so easy to become caught up with this business of living without hepc! I am definitely smiling, happy and active and hope that you are also. I hope that we all are. Will drop by your blog soon Ijaz. All best wishes,

10:24 PM  
Blogger Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Paul,

Thank you for dropping in on my blog. I'm terribly sorry that the treatment did not provide you with a sustained viral response. Am very hopeful, however, that future treatments will bring better success for many more people. You have incredible strength and fortitude - I suspect that you will achieve a good level of fitness and much, much more.

You're right to want to stay away from the Canadian cold - is freezing here (-13 right now) and we've had snow all weekend. Brrrrr....!

You are in my thoughts and prayers Paul,

10:35 PM  
Blogger SnoWav said...

The climb is UP between Christmas and New Years Sue. When I crossed the center of the circle I had the thought that I had cleared the virus.Not saying there was anything magical about a 12 ft crystal circle on the top of a mountain.might have just been aware of something that was happening anyway.either way be a few years before I know if it were real. Happy holidays Sue from Toronto.

7:37 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth Anne said...

Merry Christmas Sue!

All the best to you and yours in this coming year.


5:34 PM  
Blogger Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Snowav,

Crossing crystal circle on mountain top sounds magical to me. I believe in magic.

The climb is almost over. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Jeff.

9:25 AM  
Blogger Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Elizabeth Anne,

Thank you for your kind wishes! Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful holiday season.

9:27 AM  

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